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check it out

The Gist of the North Star part 2 u9jY

This is a web intro I made for a sprite-movie tv channel. Check it out.

Here is part 1 of my latest project, it's a spoof of the Fist of the North Star. Check it out if you have nothing better to do :)

The Gist of the North Star

Just submitted my new project, check it out.

I spoofed old games in the volume such as


I hope you enjoy it.

Sketch-Pad Spoofs - retro submission OUT NOW

Hi, just an announcement for the release of part 2 of SSS, release hopefully before the 31st. I attempted to make a NG Alpha, but I guess it's down. I went away for a while to improve the quality of my animation, so hopefully that will be visible in the final product.

You can watch a preview animation here; preview.swf

And you can see preview screenshots here; g g g g g g g g pg

Hopefully out on Tuesday!

I also updated the look of my user page, the old look was growing smelly. Thanks for your time.

Stenchu Stealth Shinobi Part 2 and New Look

It's Bob first, an interactive game. 16 Characters completed, many in the works. Release Boxing Day with any luck.

TEKKEN spoof collab: Character 1 out tomorrow

Just submitted this music video, check it out, more content coming soon. Hope you find it funny, peace out.

Jesus Juice The Music Video

JESUS JUICE the music video out now

My metal gear solid parody has just been released. Check it out if you're interested. It's a comedy loosely based around the characters.

Metal Gear Gas

Hope you enjoy it.

Metal Gear Gas OUT NOW! (MGS Parody)

Metal Gear Solid parody

2009-07-09 18:08:40 by Rikimaru-Azlar

I'm working on a spoof of the MGS format, using characters from the game. It's not based on the game, just takes some of its elements into a different context. Should be ready in a couple of months. If you're reading this thanks for checking this post.

Metal Gear Solid parody

Early shot...

2009-07-01 18:48:23 by Rikimaru-Azlar

Lei oblivious to Bruce's crime spree

Early shot...