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When you've worked that hard.. why...

The art and voiceacting is good but the animation on the Nash scenes needs alot of work. It would be easy to animate the characters talking. Then before entering the portal look at the bison cape loop for instance, moving from left to right because you couldn't line up the pixels. It also goes on a bit. In alot of areas it's brilliant but the flaws bring the whole thing down. If it was just the stryker vs bison scene it would be a flawless victory.

R1665 responds:

The pixels are lined up just fine. The problem is on your end with your connection and/or flash player. Were you watching it full screen? That can heighten mathematical display issues with the VCAM in flash.

I can see that you are also a flash animator and have done some lip-synching of your own. Many kudos to you. However, please refrain from calling it "easy" for my movie until you can do it while also cramming thirty minutes' worth of movie into a thirteen-minute autoplay timeline. Not all flash is built alike.


Great job!

You're skills are coming on. Did you use Movieclip Filter Blur on the backgrounds? It gives a great sense of perspective and looks great but can slow frame rate down. Question - are you working at 12 fps? The sprite animation would look tighter at 24 and you could have a sprite every two frames without extra work. The mini game was great, hitting keys at during different time windows, you totally pulled it off. You made me laugh twice which is a feat. 'I feel a strange energy'. There were a couple of shots (cartoon eyes when knuckles was suprised) and (the winter scene with big) that I felt could have been improved a bit but overall a great job, this submission offers a lot in the way of entertainment. Visual Effects good, sound effects good, comedy good, story good, music good and I liked that you used advance sprites. I'm being really picky about those two shots but that's the only reason you don't get a ten from me, and I'm being 100% honest with you. Awesome job Da-boi, we may have to collaborate.

TubeSocSamurai responds:

thanks rikimaru for all the advice and most definitely we'll have to collab

For some reason...

this reminded me of Monkey Island...

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Congrats on the award and views

and reviews. You're clearly a halloween fan. Were you using tell-target actionscript? I think you could develop this further with extra interaction etc. but the sense of atmosphere is great.


I hope I can claim fuel expenses on that mofo, this game is funny as f***

Mindblowing Botfest

I think the load is justified, there are so many components on this game you can see where the space has gone. It's probably loading characters etc. from actionscript libraries and all the different textures. It's actually really clever, I think you took jpegs/gifs of the characters/paralax background symbols so it runs on a higher frame rate and doesn't affect the overall look of the game.
You can tell a lot of work has gone into this. I like how the game sort of pauses when you get a weapon upgrade/the visual effects (like smoke/dust/explosions)/ character design/ music/ scrolling background - it's very stylish.

From what I've seen you seem to have a gift for vectors, it's like you're brain operates in 3d and you can make 2d images move in a way that makes them seem like full models or nets. The programming was excellent too so kudos for that. Put simply this is the best example of what a game should be. I just hope people were aware of how much work has gone into it, it's dazzlingly obvious. Great job

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Nice I can imagine something like this on Half Life.

ChemicalLegionV2 responds:

thanks man like i said this was a song i made for a friend to teach him how to use the basic controls on fruity loops stuff like fade ins and fade outs distortions pans reverbs and feed backing

F**king love this one

Get on my favourites you!

Dissonant Vamping

I like the atmospheric effects, really sets the scene.

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Bink 182

Ha ha I like it! It's like he got spaced out off the spray paint fumes!

gir1201 responds:

Heheh, that's actually not what it's about. ^^ But I guess we all have our meanings for things :)

Glad you like it.


Are you familiar with Ralph Steadman and Francis Bacon? That's what comes to mind. I like it. I like how you make a statement too. Great work

Really striking!

I think this is ace. Really caught my eye. Can I ask what media you used? Looks like oil pastels but I can't tell, regardless you have good hand control and a good eye for detail. Will have to check out what else you've done.

bloominglove responds:

Thank you! I used chalk pastels. You were very close! Feel free to check what I've uploaded!


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